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2006 Update:-
Since leaving college in August 2005, I have been trying to find a Trainee Management Position in pubs and hotel.
I felt that I would rather complete management training, while gaining Management experience, rather than working my way up through being a chef and then moving into Management. In the time since leaving college, I have not found a company that I trust and have worked for a few companies that don't provide training or just want to use you. I am currently attending interviews and will hopefully be finally finding what I am looking for in the next few weeks.

I spent 5 months doing hotel Management in Scotland for a company that I found to have a very dodgy background.
I received no training and just got on with running Duty Management shifts at the hotels where the placed me. I spent most of my time based at The Douglas Arms Hotel, in Castle Douglas. I was made redundant from there after it was sold.


3rd year Thanet College students stay in france for a week and attend a french college

Between Monday 27 June and Friday 1st July 2005 a selection of 3rd year Thanet College students staid in France and attended a French college. By clicking here will take you to a page containing a timetable with descriptions of tasks completed and photos from this trip.



Gary Rhodes visit's Thanet College to judge Junior Master Chef competition & enjoy's meal prepared by 3rd year students, served in the college restaurant.

On Friday 3rd June 2005 Gary Rhodes returned to Thanet college to judge the work of the Junior Master Chef competiton.
During the day, after judging the dishes prepared by the competition, he sat down in the college's restaurant, for a carefully produced meal, which had been prepared by the 3rd year students.


Thanet College's 3rd year Pastry students cater for Sank Ports ceremony

On Tuesday 12th April 2005 3rd year patisserie students from Thanet College produced the plated sweet, sugar displays, and petitfores for 300 people. The 300 people was celebrating the installation of a new Lord Warden of the Sank Ports, replacing the queen mother. The plated sweet constisted of a chocolate cone with a supprise centre, garnished with fresh fruits, raspberry coulis and chocolate cigarets. The suagar displays was produced from pastillage, and formed in the shape and colour of the shield, and had the coat of arms carefully piped onto it. The petitfores consisted of a mixture of, Fudge, nugartine, fondant chocolates, and truffles, naturally all hand produced by us.


Gary Rhodes visits Thanet College to Open new College Restaurant

On Friday 25th Febuary 2005 Gary Rhodes came to officially open the new college restaurant.
For the ceremony the 3rd year chef's prepared savory and sweet canopies.
Towards the finish of the sweet canopies the pastry was visited by a BBC film crew and during filming Gary Rhodes was led in. The group took the opportunity to have a group photo in the new pastry kitchen with Gary in it.



Guest book politeness

Would people please be careful of the content they write, when signing the guest book!
My website space's company might object to some content.



Update Information - 2004

November 2004
I have now moved to a house opposite the back gates of my college in Broadstairs. I have a really nice ensuite room and shared kitchen. The house is owned by a really nice family and they have made me feel very welcome.

I have returned to Thanet College to complete the 3rd year (NVQ Level 3) Patisserie / Pastry & Level 2 Bakery.

Our college restaurant has been fully refurbished and is now open.
More information on Thanet College's restaurant can be obtained from the college website:



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